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Are you currently looking for a mobile phone plan that can relieve you from the heavy mobile phone bills that knock your door at the end of the month? Whether you are completely blank about the plans available in the market or have a particular tariff in mind, you can find the right solution with us at 3 Phone Contracts. We deal with all sorts of mobile phone plans that are currently ruling the market and the ones that mobile phone users generally look for in order to make calls and send messages easily. At our site, you are not required to hurry for grabbing the best deals, just be relaxed and shop for any plan that you have found good you and do not worry for its prices!

The varieties of plans available with us at 3 Phone Contracts are tailor made for all kinds of mobile phone users. You can find any good deal like the 35 Internet Texter Plans, 12 months contract, 18 months contract, 24 months contract, 15 Pounds Texter Plan, 20 Pounds Texter Plan, 15 Internet Texter Plans, 25 Internet Texter Plans, 12 Promotional 100, 3 Mix & Match 500 Deals, 3 Mix & Match 900 Deals and 3 The one plan and even more than these. However, as we keep updating the plans available with us and also add new ones, every time you are there at our site, there will be new deals for you!

For choosing the best deal out of every category and then activating these for enjoying the most of the mobile phone facilities you can compare the shortlisted plans easily at 3 Phone Contracts. For that you will simply have to go through the features and the criteria of every plan that you have liked and then compare these with others. Take for instance, the 12 months contract can let you enjoy facilities and services like free phone calls, messages, discounted roaming charges and lots others for a term of 12 months. However, the similar facilities will be available for you for 24 months if you get a 24 months contract.

The 15 Internet Texter Plans will offer you 100 free voice minutes, unlimited free text messaging and free 3 to 3 calls etc facilities. The 35 Internet Texter Plans, on the other hand, offers unlimited text messages and 750 minutes of free calls with unlimited internet access.

This way, you can compare all plans and its prices, which are pretty reasonable at our site, and then get the plan that you feel is made for you. Shopping with us at 3 Phone Contracts can be always a pleasant experience for you!

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3 Celebrating Nokia E7 Arrival Early 2011

By • Dec 13th, 2010 • Category: News

3 mobile network are pleased to announce the latest addition to their already increasing mobile phone market. We are talking about Nokia’s new E7, a handset which will be available early 2011. As well as some fantastic features to embrace, Nokia are hoping that the new E7 will be favourable amongst business professionals as well as for everyday usage. Incorporating the new Symbian^3 OS in tow, users will now benefit from still being able to access their social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. TechWatch reported that as well as an impressive 4-inch AMOLED screen you will find three other home screens which can be customized with the aid of widgets, along with Nokia’s ClearBlack, giving you crisp black colors even in sunlight. (more…)

3 Mobile Mifi wins T3 best work gadget award

By • Oct 14th, 2010 • Category: News

A device that creates a personal Wi-Fi hotspot has won the best work gadget award from T3.The MiFi device from 3 Mobile has picked up substantial praise at the T3 Gadget Awards.MiFi, which creates a personal Wi-Fi hotspot by utilising the network operator’s mobile broadband coverage, was named best work gadget of the year at the industry event.Up to five wireless-enabled devices can connect to the MiFi and browse the web at any one time.It beat off competition from Apple’s Macbook Pro and iPhone 4, as well as the BlackBerry Bold 9700, to win through in the category. (more…)